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2018 Teaching Innovation Award - Community Engaged, University of Massachusetts Boston

Updated: May 11, 2020

Maria Ivanova, Associate Professor in Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Governance, is this year’s recipient of the honorable mention award in community engaged teaching. Innovation in teaching implies new perspectives and transformation. In her course Environmental Issues in Africa she created a unique learning experience for graduate students that is transdisciplinary, transnational and transformative. With an NSF/IGERT grant she engaged academy, policy, and local communities in Ethiopia and Rwanda and changed the teaching paradigm such that the policy community now sees McCormack students as collaborators. The Ministry of Environment in Rwanda and the UN Environment Program have requested McCormack’s leadership for a range of new sustainability research/policy projects. These invaluable international educational experiences have been transformative academically and have inspired new self-confidence, mental discipline, and empathy. As one student exclaimed, “Regardless of our disciplines, we all are professionals rock stars now”. We honor Prof. Ivanova’s work today with this award and congratulate her.


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